Empirix Extends VoIP Assurance Portfolio to Support STIR/SHAKEN Requirements

Empirix Inc. a leader in network test automation and service and application performance visibility, today announced that Empirix service assurance capabilities can now be extended to monitor the performance of STIR/SHAKEN components, technologies designed to combat illegal spoofing and robocalling.

Looming regulations

In an effort to protect the public from fraudulent and unwanted calls, government agencies like the FCC and CRTC are already recommending, and will soon mandate, that service providers implement STIR/SHAKEN components. While effective at preventing robocalls, adding these new components to existing call flows could create a new, customer service headache for providers – issues with call quality.

Call quality

“Service providers that are deploying STIR/SHAKEN components are aware of the potential impact that this can have on call quality,” said Edoardo Rizzi, SVP Product Management and Marketing at Empirix. “By adding support for STIR/SHAKEN requirements to our market-leading VoIP assurance solution, we put service providers in a position to get true, end-to-end visibility into call flow, infrastructure, and network performance, ultimately enabling them to perform bilateral testing between carriers both before and after deployment, and to improve call quality.

What’s more,” continued Rizzi, “our unique ability to extract information from SIP signaling empowers network personnel to troubleshoot both standard SIP and STIR/SHAKEN-related SIP fields.”

In addition to the powerful monitoring capabilities, end users can streamline workflows and drill down for faster root cause analysis. Flex Field functionality allows users to customize fields and field values to align troubleshooting efforts with strategic business objectives. This feature expedites time to market while eliminating custom development costs. Customers can derive immediate value from all collected data via a dashboard of pre-defined reports.

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