Ensure a Great Customer Experience: Start Your 30-day VoiceWatch Trial

VoiceWatch, Empirix’s proactive contact center performance monitoring solution, is quick to identify current and future issues and their unique causes. Using transactional call flows to navigate a customer’s end-to-end experience via automation, VoiceWatch measures the availability, accuracy, and performance of network components, voice solutions, and back-end database systems. This empowers users to identify and fix problems before they impact customers.

Why VoiceWatch?

Empirix is offering a free, 30-day trial of VoiceWatch so you can try it for yourself. With VoiceWatch, you can easily:

  • Monitor your contact center environment 24/7
  • Gain insight into your customers’ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) experience
  • Improve customer retention by improving Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Identify performance issues and bottlenecks that are holding your organization back
  • Spend time fixing issues rather than identifying them
  • Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Ensure you start each day ready for business

About VoiceWatch

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