VoiceWatch Proactively Discovers Critical Service Disruptions in Leading Nationwide Toll-Free Network

Empirix, Inc., the recognized leader in contact center assurance and end-to-end network performance visibility, today announced that its VoiceWatch cloud-based monitoring service detected a service disruption in one of the nation’s largest toll-free networks and notified affected Empirix customers within seconds of the disruption occurring.

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In February, a major service provider’s network experienced data and telecommunications issues that, if left unchecked, had the potential to impact consumer access to contact centers of all sizes and industries, including those run by major airlines, roadside assistance service providers, and financial institutions. The business impacts of these service interruptions would have been significant if not for the intervention of Empirix’s industry-leading monitoring technology.

Toll-free numbers traveling through this network experienced a significant routing issue and, as a result, calls were not reaching business’ contact centers and their operators were unaware of the service outage. Consumers attempting to access a number of contact centers would have been denied access, introducing significant reputational, financial, and other risks to those contact centers’ business operations.

Empirix VoiceWatch immediately detected the interruptions in network service and accurately pinpointed the root cause in the service provider network, eliminating the need for internal resources to validate SIP trunks or internal data center technology. As a result, affected businesses were able to quickly reprovision call routing to reestablish connectivity with consumers, minimizing negative impacts.

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