Whitepaper: Unleashing Business Value with Contact Center Testing

A Q&A with IDC analyst, Melinda-Carol Ballou

In order to ensure contact centers deliver a quality end-to-end experience for both the agents and the customers, DevOps practices and a test automation strategy are needed. This is more important than ever, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the increased engagement of remote workforces.  Embracing digital innovation will allow contact centers to support their customers in a transformative, meaningful, and differentiating way.

We sat down with Melinda-Carol Ballou, Research Director for IDC’s Application Life-Cycle Management program for some practical advice and guidance on what contact center and IT leaders can do to overcome the barriers to accelerating release cycles and improving overall quality within the contact center environment.

In this piece, Ballou shares:

  • The role DevOps plays in the contact center and how to enable adoption
  • Strategies to overcome roadblocks to high-quality, rapid deployments
  • Practical guidance on where to focus testing efforts
  • The importance of end-to-end testing
  • Key benefits of contact center testing

Get Melinda’s advice. Download the whitepaper.