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This year’s Genesys conference, CX17, was hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is also the headquarters of its latest acquisition, Interactive Intelligence. The event was full of people and excitement around seeing both product lines come together—and the Empirix team was ready to match that excitement with the celebration of our 25th anniversary of the Hammer Test platform!

In our conversations with customers, we were surprised to hear that so many of them are facing real business challenges associated with adopting all the new technology that Genesys has to offer.

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For these customers, it’s not about whether or not these solutions are a fit for their organizations; it’s about developing comprehensive Contact Center Assurance strategies that prove to the business that they’ve implemented best practices in QA test, capacity planning and operations monitoring in order to mitigate the risks associated with actually deploying these new features and solutions.

Our team was extremely pleased to highlight our cloud-based automated regression testing system, Empirix Hammer On-Demand. Designed with QA teams, systems integrators and business owners in mind, Hammer On-Demand offers automated regression testing and automated test case generation and scripting that is unlike anything else available.

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A comprehensive Contact Center Assurance strategy is key to helping Genesys customers deploy with confidence and take advantage of all that these solutions have to offer. Our customers and partners were excited to see first-hand how Hammer On-Demand creates ad-hoc scripts, and automatically transforms manual test cases into powerful automated scripts that can be used as end-to-end testing blueprints for the Hammer Test Platform. The fact that these scripts were leveraged for performance and capacity tests as well as for ongoing monitoring proved that they could reduce rework, accelerate deployments and mitigate the risks that trouble business teams.

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We work with a range of enterprise clients providing them with solutions tailored to meet their needs. Empirix has also written whitepapers that explore contact center testing and the top metrics to achieve contact center assurance.

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Empirix Sponsors CX17 Customer Experience Event
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Empirix will highlight how its clients are leveraging the powerful end-to-end Hammer Cloud Platform to optimize their customers’ experiences. In Indianapolis, Empirix is also the exclusive sponsor of the CX17 Party on Wednesday, May 24; this exciting event will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hammer solution.