The Happy Effects of a Positive Customer Experience

So often we hear that when a customer burns a company via social media, it spreads like wildfire. There is definitely truth to that.

However, what we don’t hear as much about is the effect that a good experience has on customers. With that in mind, Empirix recently polled 66 people via social media channels to find out more. The results were interesting and, in some ways, inspiring.

Empirix Customer Experience Assurance: What is Your Customers’ Behavior on Your Network?

The Customer Experience Survey Stats

Here are the highlights of the survey:

  • 56% of respondents have had an excellent customer experience within the past week.
  • 74% are more likely to share a good customer experience via social media than a bad one.
  • When they have a good customer experience, 40% sometimes share it via social media, 32% frequently share it and 12% always share it. That means that means that if you provide a great customer experience, 84% of those customers affected are likely to post about it.
  • When customers have a great experience, 79% always or frequently become repeat buyers.
  • Equally important, after a good customer experience 86% will recommend the product or service to a friend. In fact, no one answered that question with “rarely” or “never”. So the chances of a good customer experience for one person resulting in new business from another are high indeed.

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The Importance of Providing a Great Customer Experience

Obviously, the first step in all of this is to provide a positive customer experience. There are many ways to accomplish this. For example, be polite to your customers. Offer them products and services that make sense according to their previous purchase history. Ensure that when they call in with a question or issue, the technology involved to get them the right answer helps instead of hinders the experience. Help your customer get to the right person in a timely manner – try not to leave them hanging on hold or pressing a number via the IVR that takes them to the wrong person.

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The list could go on virtually forever. And those who work to improve customer experience clearly get a return on their investment. People do indeed notice and appreciate an excellent customer experience, so much so that they are likely to share that experience via social media.

There is a huge advantage in having raving customers. People don’t always trust companies, but they do trust fellow customers. When a customer provides unsolicited positive feedback, that endorsement is worth its weight in gold.

A bad customer experience makes people want to jump to your competitors. It’s only natural. On the other hand, a good customer experience not only helps in the current sale, but also in future sales – from your customers, their friends, and whoever follows them via social media. So keep it positive!

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