Empirix Sponsors CX17 Customer Experience Event

Event Ticket

Empirix will highlight how its clients are leveraging the powerful end-to-end Hammer Cloud Platform to optimize their customers’ experiences. In Indianapolis, Empirix is also the exclusive sponsor of the CX17 Party on Wednesday, May 24; this exciting event will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hammer solution.

VoLTE Customer Experience – Breaking down the Barriers

Quality of Experience

To date, it appears most of the MSPs that have deployed VoLTE have relied on active testing to effectively “spot check” the end-to-end service improvements and overall performance. Very little appears to have been done to look at overall QoE across the entire customer base.

Mobile Roaming Charges Fall Across the European Union (EU)

Mobile Roaming Charges Falling

Just last month, the European Union (EU) brought into force new limits for roaming charges within all member countries. The result is a significant reduction in the amount mobile service providers (MSPs) can now charge their customers for making or receiving calls abroad.

By Royal Proclamation: Respect the Legacy!

Respect Legacy

Legacy technology – you can’t escape it. Just when we thought next-gen communications had taken over, the Royal Birth proved us all wrong. It’s hard to believe that the world first received the news of Britian’s newest heir via a proclamation pinned to an easel outside of the Palace. From there, technology had its say and the announcement was tweeted, snapped and posted across the globe. But “modern tech” took second place.

Empirix Acquires Mutina Technology

Network Communications

The acquisition of Mutina enables Empirix to offer quad play providers a service assurance solution that offers a full end-to-end view of their networks.