The Evolution of Service Assurance

Service Assurance Evolution

The Service Assurance segment is evolving. Service providers now require Service Assurance solutions that provide greater levels of visibility – not only into the network, but also into the services and vendor devices deployed in the environment.

Achieve Slam Dunk Success in the Contact Center with Agent Training

Slam Dunk

In the contact center, supervisors and managers often run into similar situations. Most agents go through an initial training when hired, but over time they may forget some of the tactics they learned or realize they need more knowledge about a certain topic or software program. With everyone operating at different levels, it can be challenging to provide consistent, high-quality service to every customer who reaches out to you.

Customer Service: Are You Using Your Customers As Your Lab Rats?

Lab Rat

Companies test just about every product before bringing it to market, from jet liners to smart phones. Before products come in contact with customers, companies already know how they’re going to work and what experience the user will have. New products might have a minor glitch here or there, but the big stuff is assured.

6 Frightful Contact Center Experiences


Like end-to-end testing, monitoring can be grouped into key categories. This will enable you to better focus on issues to get them resolved quickly, with minimal impact to the customer experience.

Weaving Together the Components of a Comprehensive Monitoring Solution

Weaving Loom

Today’s communications environments are very complex. If you’re not monitoring your systems on a consistent and constant basis, you will undoubtedly run into trouble. At the same time, a comprehensive solution has to have a variety of functionalities in order to successfully monitor this type of environment.

New Strides for Customer Care Improvement

Positive Customer Experience

Along with the introduction of each new service or application, the underlying network technology now permits Quality of Service (QoS) to be determined on an individual customer basis. Moreover, many of the world’s leading Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) are now competing more on service quality rather than service quantity or usage. As a result, today’s service assurance solutions are evolving to address key aspects of customer care, in order to better manage the service providers’ customer base on an individual basis.