Service Providers Are Clamoring for Analytics

I recently attended the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) Convention in Las Vegas. The clear feedback from event attendees (who are mostly smaller, rural Tier 3 and 4 service providers) was that everyone is looking for comprehensive, end-to-end analytics solutions.

Empirix Advanced Analytics: Leverage Real-Time Intelligence to Improve Customer Experience

Turning Data Into Intelligence

The convention goers seemed to get the value of data – but most weren’t sure how to transform that data into actual intelligence.

The first attendee to stop by the Empirix booth was a marketing representative from a small wireless provider in the Midwest. She was very interested in understanding how customer experience analytics could be used by her organization to strategize and launch new services. Other engineers and operations staff were also searching for greater insight into their networks and services.

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In fact, the event attendees were all excited to learn about new ways to analyze OTT, Roaming, and QoE. Moreover, integration with third-party data sources has clearly become a critical requirement. Being able to comprehend the end-to-end picture of the customer is a challenge that most of the conference’s participants have not yet been able to achieve.

Enter Empirix IntelliSight

This kind of interest in analytics meshed perfectly with our launch of Empirix IntelliSight, which we announced at the CCA Convention. This solution is the latest evolution of our Service Assurance solution for Customer Experience Management (CEM). The platform further enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to maximize operation savings and revenue.

Holistix (IntelliSight): Improve Customer Experience with Near-Real Time Intelligence

Are you using data to gain market share and advance network and application services? Let me know about your experiences in the comments below.

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Today’s communications environments are very complex. If you’re not monitoring your systems on a consistent and constant basis, you will undoubtedly run into trouble. At the same time, a comprehensive solution has to have a variety of functionalities in order to successfully monitor this type of environment.

New Analytics Platform Instantly Transforms Big Data into Actionable Business Intelligence
Analytics Platform

Empirix today released a new analytics platform that turns terabytes of data into real-time intelligence for improving customer experience and performance management as well as strategic business decision making. Empirix IntelliSight is the first solution of its kind designed to remove much of the cost and implementation barriers associated with Big Data in mobile, telecom and enterprise-wide deployments.