KPI Conformance, not Performance

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KPI Conformance

“Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs) is a term commonly heard within the Service Assurance domain. KPIs are used by most Service Providers use to align their internal departmental goals and metrics with the experience delivered to their customers or subscriber base. That said, there is much debate as to how effective KPIs are, even those that are […]

Understanding Network Characterization: The Clear Benefits

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Understanding Network Characterization

For both fixed and mobile service providers, maximizing the effective use of network capacity is becoming key to increasing revenues and assuring the quality of experience for customers. Driving bandwidth consumption are services such as Voice over IP (VoIP or Internet telephony), video on demand (VoD), and the more conventional data services such an internet […]

Introducing LTE Direct

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The rise of mobile apps has exploded over the last few years. Autonomous, proximity-based applications now represent the latest trend in the mobile app space. Although there is much excitement around proximity-based applications, they have seen limited mainstream adoption. Why is this so? Well, there are a number of reasons. The Challenges of Proximity-based Applications Many […]

New Strides for Customer Care Improvement

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Customer Care Strides

Both fixed and mobile service providers (MSPs) are changing how they view and manage their customer base. Previously, the services these providers offered to their customers was limited. Even for MSPs’ services did not extend beyond simple voice and SMS. However, the explosion in mobile broadband or data, along with the availability of smart phones […]

Launching New Services Requires a Flexible Analytics Platform

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Communication service providers (CSPs), especially Tier 2 & 3, have a bit of an advantage over some of their larger competitors in that they are agile and nimble. This flexibility enables them to make decisions about launching new services that let them compete with their similarly agile and flexible competitors launching OTT applications. On the […]

Service Provider Success With Least Cost Routing

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Cost Routing

For many Fixed or Wireline Service Providers, a critical revenue stream continues to be the transport of Long Distance or International Calls. In order that such calls can be completed and revenue ensured, it is fundamental to be able to determine that calls are being completed successfully and to understand by whom those calls are […]

ServOC: The Holy Grail of Service Quality Monitoring

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Service Monitoring

For Mobile Service Providers (MSPs), monitoring only the network infrastructure (as traditionally performed by Network Operations Center plus Service Operations Center) no longer provides any guarantee that subscribers will receive their expected level of service. Where Have We Been The scenario reported in any network monitoring’s literature is well-known: “My indicators are all greens but my […]

Service Providers Are Clamoring for Analytics

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Analytics for Service Providers

I recently attended the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) Convention in Las Vegas. The clear feedback from event attendees (who are mostly smaller, rural Tier 3 and 4 service providers) was that everyone is looking for comprehensive, end-to-end analytics solutions. Turning Data Into Intelligence The convention goers seemed to get the value of data – but most weren’t […]

Mobile Data Services: Give Me Quality, Not Quantity

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Mobile Data Services

There are many options available for Mobile Operators who want to “monetize” the investments they have made in 4G or LTE. For example, today, most Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) still maintain flat rate tariffs that provide a bundle of both voice minutes and SMS, often combined with “all you can eat”/unlimited mobile data plan. However, […]