Proactively Address Conference Bridge Problems

Empirix Introduces the First-of-Its-Kind Conference Bridge Solution to Address Conference Call Quality Issues

Today, more than ever, conference calls are at the very core of business operations. Business leaders from across the globe are using conference calls daily to drive key business through decisions and customer interactions. Despite all the technological gains of Voice over IP (VoIP), wireline and wireless network connections, there is still one startling fact – you probably have experienced poor quality on a conference call in the past week.

Service providers are limited in their visibility of conferencing applications, even though they must ensure a high-quality experience; plus, service providers often hear about problems only after users have reported them. When these conference call problems occur, SLAs are not met and business customers are not happy. Thus, service providers must adopt a new approach to monitoring their conference bridge applications in order to avoid problems before they impact businesses.

Empirix Conference Bridge Monitoring

Empirix has developed a first-of-its-kind conference bridge monitoring solution – Empirix Conference Bridge Monitoring (CBM) – which monitors conference bridges to proactively ensure high-quality connections for business-critical conference calls.

The old approach to conference bridge monitoring involves deploying application performance monitoring tools and network performance monitoring tools and waiting for lights on a dashboard to turn red.

The Empirix Conference Bridge Monitoring approach

  • Deploys automated voice testing to provide proactive customer experience monitoring, through real conference bridge transactions.
  • Empowers operators to correlate the results with passive monitoring tools for the ability to monitor and manage the customer’s end-to-end conference bridge experience.

Empirix Conference Bridge Monitoring (CBM) uses a three-layer approach for Conference Bridge Monitoring that leverages real-time voice transactions and passive monitoring technology, with analytics. More specifically, service providers should:

Rely on real-time, automated active transactions to assess conference bridge quality

CBM is all about the real world. Through automation, it is now possible to place calls at scheduled intervals into a dedicated conference line in order to determine availability, performance, and quality from the users’ point of view. Traditional APM and NPM tools are limited to looking at the server’s viewpoint, but in CBM the user experience is the foundation for monitoring.

Employ passive network monitoring based on the results of active transactions

CBM leverages passive monitoring and network performance monitoring to troubleshoot and debug conference bridge-related network events. With passive monitoring tools, engineers can view all traffic traversing the network and isolate traffic to a specific conference server. In this way, operators can get more information about real-time calls. In CBM, active transactions provide detailed customer assessment data that are then further enriched from passive monitoring tools, giving operators full visibility into call performance as they enter the network.

Deploy real-time analytics for trending

CBM leverages analytics to provide trending and historical reports. What are the performance trends in my network? Are problems occurring in a specific pattern? How do I know where my weak points are in my network and what areas do I need to apply greater resources to resolve issues? Through trending and analytics, Empirix is able to generate reports that show these exact trends.

What about Traditional APM and NPM tools? CBM leverages these tools to understand the user experience and what is happening at the network and application layers that result in a poor user experience, in order to correct those issues quickly.


Empirix Conference Bridge Monitoring (CBM) delivers critical data which enables service providers to improve Mean Time To Recognize (MTTR) issues and decreases downtime due to service impacting issues. By combining the functionality of active monitoring, APM, and NPM through real-time dashboards and notifications in CBM, service providers can deliver consistently high-quality conference call user experiences that meet their and business customers’ quality needs. Essentially, we took an unconventional approach to conference bridge quality monitoring by making the customer perspective the measurement standard. It’s great to see our approach is resonating with customers and winning notice from an organization like TMC.

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