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Patent Granted for End-to-End Quality of Experience Scoring Model

Network Communications

The “QoE Index” estimates end user perception of any service. Today we proudly announced that our innovative new approach to scoring Quality of Experience (QoE) across telecommunication services has been granted a US patent.

Designed by Angelo Baccarani, Product Manager for NFV Service Assurance at Empirix, the scoring model provides a single score, known as the “QoE Index”, that can estimate the overall acceptability of a service as perceived subjectively by the end user, based on passive and active measurements.

Although flooded with KPIs from hundreds of different sources, service providers still can’t answer the question “What is the overall quality of experience of my end users?” They are limited by their inability to incorporate end user expectations and a complete view of the “events chain” to their scoring model.

Empirix’s new patented model is the only solution available today that is capable of providing a complete end-to-end view that service providers so desperately need.

For more information please read the Press Release.