Empirix Releases OneSight Voice Quality Assurance Solution to Help Enterprises Optimize Their IP Telephony Networks

Empiric Inc., the market leader of service quality assurance solutions for new IP communications, today announced the availability of Empirix’s OneSight® Voice Quality Assurance solution, which combines the company’s best-of-breed OneSight customer experience monitoring with active monitoring to assure end-user voice quality. With the OneSight Voice Quality Assurance solution, any single-site or multi-site organization can emulate realistic end-user behavior before an agent or customer picks up the phone, thereby assuring that the best voice quality is part of the company’s unified communications strategy.

OneSight: Proactive end-to-end UX, application performance, and system health monitoring

Voice quality assurance

The convergence of voice and data traffic on IP networks within the enterprise can potentially impact voice quality in a negative manner. With Empirix’s OneSight Voice Quality Assurance solution, organizations can optimize voice quality and analyze trends, thus enabling them to troubleshoot issues that can impair quality, before the issues occur. Real calls are placed through the same paths as actual customer-to-agent and agent-to-agent transactions using VQ Probes, a key component of the Empirix solution. Each call provides bi-directional voice quality scores, which the OneSight solution then correlates with a deep visibility into the state of key VoIP system and network components to rate the quality of the end-to-end experience.

The OneSight Voice Quality Assurance solution measures and reports on the actual call experience and identifies voice quality issues that other solutions simply cannot detect. This provides IP telephony managers with a unique, real-time view of the VoIP network through a preset dashboard, supplemented with trending and performance reports. This feature gives managers the ability to quickly pinpoint the location of voice quality issues as well as diagnose and fix them before users are impacted.

Voice quality monitoring

“Ever increasing volumes of video streams, audio downloads and large file transfers, in addition to voice and data, put strains on today’s IP networks,” said Dan Miller, senior analyst at Opus Research. “Based on over a decade of experience, Empirix provides enterprises and service providers with the resources needed to deliver the consistently high levels of voice quality required to delight and retain customers.”

Nothing is more effective than listening to the actual monitoring call to identify whether voice quality is acceptable. With OneSight Voice Quality Assurance, all calls placed can be automatically recorded. As a result, only one click is required to hear and verify any voice quality issues within the actual placed call.

“The use of voice and data over the IP network has dramatically increased over the years and will continue to do so, making the quality of these services vital,” said Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing, Enterprise Solutions, Empirix. “OneSight Voice Quality Assurance enables organizations to see a realistic view of their VoIP network, making it easier to identify where a voice quality issue may exist and then fix it before it negatively impacts the user. As a result, it helps prevent end-user frustration, which can further help decrease customer churn.”

About Empirix
Empirix is the recognized leader in end-to-end network performance visibility with the unique ability to analyze customer behaviors by application in real time. We help service providers, mobile operators and enterprises optimize business processes to reduce operational costs, maximize customer retention and grow top-line revenue. Through monitoring, analytics and intelligence, Empirix helps companies around the world realize the full value of their technology investments.

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