VoLTE – Taking The Next Step

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Taking the Next Step

First of all, you should know that what you should monitor and analyze changes, depending on how you deploy VoLTE. For instance, you could use Rich Communication Service (RCS) (which involves a lot of components to make it work – and they all should be monitored); or Voice Call Continuity (VCCC) with CSFB or SRVCC (both of which should be measured to give you great insight into how your resources are being leveraged).

Customer Service: Who Cares? [Infographic]

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Providing a high quality customer experience is critical to keeping your customers happy. That’s the philosophy behind the service quality assurance and analytics solutions Empirix has brought to market. We know it’s vital that, when customers contact a business, they are able to get through without long wait times, garbled conversations, incorrect transfers, constantly repeating the same information, and the like.

What is Passive Monitoring?

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Closer Look at Passive Monitoring

No matter how solid a communications system is when it’s first implemented, things tend to go wrong over time. As you add new technology, change settings, have increased voice or data volumes, and more, it becomes a requirement that you monitor your communications systems to ensure they run as expected.