Is your Enterprise really protected?

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Enterprise Data Security

There is a perception in many enterprises that firewalls and security measures are only needed to protect vast sources of stored corporate or consumer data. Voice after all is inherently secure right? Not exactly. It wasn’t too long ago that someone with a modified police scanner could eavesdrop on cordless phone conversations. If you happened […]

5 Contact Center KPIs to Turn Customer Frowns Upside Down

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Customer experience in the contact center is paramount in customer retention. Technical issues, even minor ones, can have an enormous impact on a consumer’s perception of a company. Combine that with the undeniable fact that today’s contact centers are extremely complex—featuring multiple communication channels, self-service applications, routing schemes, agent groups, and vendor equipment—and the result is […]

Top 5 Communications Trends of 2013

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Communication Trends

2013 has been a year of ginormous communications changes, from the mind-blowing growth of smartphone usage to the game-changing addition of WebRTC. Organizations have been increasingly focusing on improving customer service, recognizing that while voice is still king, customers need to know that they can reach companies in other ways too, like through social media or video chat or […]

6 Frightful Contact Center Experiences

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Think it’s scary this Halloween? Imagine being in charge of your company’s contact center and being held responsible for providing a terrible customer experience. Now there’s true terror for you! Last week I highlighted few examples of issues discovered through predeployment testing. Today I’d like to highlight the goblins that await you if you don’t […]

3 Contact Center Lessons Learned from the Buffer Hack

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Lesson Learned

Over the weekend, Buffer, a company that lets you automate your social media sharing process, was hacked. However, the company handled it like a champ, sending out emails and putting up blog post updates that provided information on a regular basis. Here are three lessons I took away from this incident. #1 Immediately Acknowledge There’s […]

Raising Quality Customer Service to New Heights

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Customer Service New Heights

Today’s customers have an expectation that they should receive a quality experience when they contact a company. Whatever their reason for reaching out to an organization, they work under the assumption that technical issues aren’t going to get in the way of communications. This is a reasonable expectation and a matter of basic respect for […]