Mobile Roaming Charges Fall Across the European Union (EU)

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Mobile Roaming Charges Falling

Just last month, the European Union (EU) brought into force new limits for roaming charges within all member countries. The result is a significant reduction in the amount mobile service providers (MSPs) can now charge their customers for making or receiving calls abroad. The change will also bring down the cost of accessing the Internet. This […]

VoLTE – Taking The Next Step

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Taking the Next Step

As I discussed in my previous post, VoLTE is complex – it takes a lot for Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) to make it a reality and even more to make it operational. We started out by discussing Device (consumer of content) to Access (deliverer of content). Let’s continue by looking at the Access to Service […]

Business Analytics: The Journey to Success

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Business Analytics Journey

I was recently on a panel at the HP Vertica Big Data Conference: Driving the Future of Big Data Analytics. The show itself provided valuable insights into both how other companies are using HP and its ecosystem, as well as the way folks are beginning to incorporate big data analytics into their solutions. Although each […]

Breaking 38 or How the Mobile Phone Saved Facebook

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Mobile Saved Facebook

Every publically traded company has a target. Since its IPO, that number has been 38 for Facebook. The company finally realized its goal last week, thanks to the mobile phone. Facebook saw that its users were choosing to pick up their phones rather than sit down in front of a screen – in numbers that […]

Circuit Switched Fallback Falls Short

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Falling Short

One of the hottest topics right now in Telecoms is Voice over LTE, or VoLTE as it’s more commonly known. This technology will enable Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) to finally deliver voice calls across their entire IP, access and core network. This capability will help create a more efficient end-end network infrastructure, and also take advantage of […]

JUMPing at Change: Thoughts About T-Mobile’s New Program

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Jumping at Change

Those who prefer the status quo must have been shocked when T-Mobile announced its new JUMP program (Just Upgrade My Phone) at yesterday’s media event. This new program lets customers upgrade their phones whenever they want – up to two times in a year. At face value, this move addresses a fairly pervasive customer problem: […]

Service Provider Blame: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

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Customers punish carriers who put them in the middle of back-end politics. Think that’s not true? Just read the news about the spat between Verizon, Netflix and its bandwidth provider, Cogent Communications. It doesn’t really matter whether there is a right and wrong. History and consumer research suggest that Verizon will get the blame. In […]

Roaming All the Way to the Bank

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Roaming to the Bank

A few weeks ago I wrote about the topic of Steering and Anti Steering of Roaming. In that post, I discussed the techniques that are used by Mobile Operators to try and force roaming customers onto preferred (steering) or non-preferred (anti steering) mobile networks when roaming abroad. The underlying reason for Mobile Operators developing and […]

User Experience in the BYOD Era

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You can’t read through a technology website or magazine without finding an article about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or some other similar acronym describing how employees are bringing their own personal devices to the office. BYOD is accelerating faster than any adoption of any technology we’ve seen! Some companies are already attempting to understand […]