Patent Granted for End-to-End Quality of Experience Scoring Model

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Network Communications

The “QoE Index” estimates end user perception of any service Today we proudly announced that our innovative new approach to scoring Quality of Experience (QoE) across telecommunication services has been granted a US patent. Designed by Angelo Baccarani, Product Manager for NFV Service Assurance at Empirix, the scoring model provides a single score, known as […]

TM Forum 2016: NFV Status Update, NFV at the TMF

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Mobile Video

The glistening blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea served as a splendid backdrop to the TM Forum this year, where a significant amount of time was dedicated to the management of SDN and NFV. Indeed, there was even a specific conference track that spanned the first two days of the show. Clearly, there is a […]

Top 5 Communications Trends of 2013

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Communication Trends

2013 has been a year of ginormous communications changes, from the mind-blowing growth of smartphone usage to the game-changing addition of WebRTC. Organizations have been increasingly focusing on improving customer service, recognizing that while voice is still king, customers need to know that they can reach companies in other ways too, like through social media or video chat or […]

Understanding Network Characterization: The Clear Benefits

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Understanding Network Characterization

For both fixed and mobile service providers, maximizing the effective use of network capacity is becoming key to increasing revenues and assuring the quality of experience for customers. Driving bandwidth consumption are services such as Voice over IP (VoIP or Internet telephony), video on demand (VoD), and the more conventional data services such an internet […]

3 Key Points About Big Data Analytics

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Last week the WNCG (Wireless Networking Communications Group) of the University of Texas hosted its annual Wireless Summit, aka Texas Wireless Summit. This year’s focus was “Disrupting Wireless through Big Data Analytics.” The academic discussion is something the wizards at Empirix are experts on, so we were excited to be sponsoring the event. Read: Dear […]

Introducing LTE Direct

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The rise of mobile apps has exploded over the last few years. Autonomous, proximity-based applications now represent the latest trend in the mobile app space. Although there is much excitement around proximity-based applications, they have seen limited mainstream adoption. Why is this so? Well, there are a number of reasons. The Challenges of Proximity-based Applications Many […]

ServOC: The Holy Grail of Service Quality Monitoring

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Service Monitoring

For Mobile Service Providers (MSPs), monitoring only the network infrastructure (as traditionally performed by Network Operations Center plus Service Operations Center) no longer provides any guarantee that subscribers will receive their expected level of service. Where Have We Been The scenario reported in any network monitoring’s literature is well-known: “My indicators are all greens but my […]

Mobile Data Services: Give Me Quality, Not Quantity

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Mobile Data Services

There are many options available for Mobile Operators who want to “monetize” the investments they have made in 4G or LTE. For example, today, most Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) still maintain flat rate tariffs that provide a bundle of both voice minutes and SMS, often combined with “all you can eat”/unlimited mobile data plan. However, […]

What does the buy-out of Vodafone mean for Verizon?

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Recently it was announced that Verizon secured the funding necessary to buy-out Vodafone’s 45% stake in Verizon Wireless. It is estimated that the deal will be finalized in Q1 of 2014. Vodafone will be almost doubling its original $70B investment by getting $130B cash and stock! At the time of the initial investment, Verizon Wireless […]