Launching 5G: Service Providers Must Cater to Growing Customer Expectations

As communications service providers (CSPs) race to implement 5G technology, customers’ expectations are at an all-time high. Consumers want best-of-breed service, yet they’re as price conscious as ever. Therefore, CSPs must align their assurance and network systems early to prevent customer churn.

A new report by Analysys Mason analysts Anil Roa and William Nagy, “CSPs Should Consider the Three Cornerstones of Assurance for Their Customer Experience Strategy,” backs Empirix’s recommendations for transitioning to 5G. In a market that’s highly competitive and mature, telecoms must differentiate themselves to meet customers’ expectations. The analysts predict that moving to 5G will give service providers a chance to retool their CX strategies.

“Consumer expectations about service quality are increasing as web-scale companies such as Amazon, Apple and Google set the standard as digital service providers,” they wrote. “The race to 5G, and the increasing network complexity that comes with it, creates an opportunity for CSPs to re-evaluate their assurance strategy to improve their customer experience.”

Sky-high expectations

High expectations

CSPs are at a disadvantage because of the high expectations set by the Amazons and Gooogles of the world. A 2018 Analysys Mason survey showed that CSPs are judged similar to utilities and transportation companies. CSPs in North America and Europe had Net Promoter Scores (NPS) ranging from -5 to 40, while “web-scale players consistently scored 50 and above,” the report says.

“The Connected Consumer Survey also showed that network service quality was the second most influential factor affecting CSPs’ NPSs after customer service,” the analysts wrote. “High customer satisfaction regarding network coverage and speed was strongly correlated with lower churn.”

“Network service quality was the second most influential factor affecting CSPs’ NPSs after customer service. High customer satisfaction regarding network coverage and speed was strongly correlated with lower churn.”


3 cornerstones of assurance

Cornerstones of assurance

The Analysys Mason authors say CSPs must consider the three cornerstones of assurance to optimize customer experience:

NOC-SOC transformation

Transition their network operation centers (NOC) into service operation centers (SOC) or standalone SOCs to obtain end-to-end insight of CX and network performance.

ML/AI for predictive assurance

Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence (MI/AI) to create algorithms that recognize patterns, detect anomalies and predict declines in network performance, service quality and CX

Automated assurance and orchestration

Enable closed-loop automation by integrating automated assurance solutions with network orchestrations.

White Paper: NOC to SOC, A Next-Gen Approach to Understanding and Assuring Customer Experience.

Empirix solves the 5G service assurance challenge

VR user

Earlier this year, Empirix announced that the Diagnostix service assurance platform, formerly known as E-XMS, is now capable of monitoring both hybrid and pure cloud-native 5G networks. This puts Empirix in a unique position to assist CSPs who’ve identified a migration path to 5G. Diagnostix delivers end-to-end visibility into traffic and network performance across 5G networks, legacy networks and services.

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“We recognize the critical nature of service assurance for 5G network architectures and the latest release demonstrates our commitment to support his rapidly evolving market,” Franco Messori, Chief Strategy Officer at Empirix, said in the announcement.

Service providers want to leverage existing infrastructure investments by integrating non-standalone 5G radio systems into their previous generation LTE core networks to boost performance. However, legacy probes provide limited visibility to the physical network and don’t extend to 5G. Diagnostix eliminates the blind spots this causes by empowering mobile network operators to extract and analyze both user and control plane traffic for ultimate visibility into their networks, traffic and services.

Contact Empirix today for more information about how we can help during your transition to 5G.

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