Patent Granted for End-to-End Quality of Experience Scoring Model

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Network Communications

The “QoE Index” estimates end user perception of any service Today we proudly announced that our innovative new approach to scoring Quality of Experience (QoE) across telecommunication services has been granted a US patent. Designed by Angelo Baccarani, Product Manager for NFV Service Assurance at Empirix, the scoring model provides a single score, known as […]

VoLTE Customer Experience – Breaking down the barriers

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Quality of Experience

At last week’s LTE Voice Summit in London, we presented on the complexity of monitoring the end-to-end customer experience of VoLTE service and the barriers that mobile service providers (MSPs) often face when looking to implement customer experience initiatives and deploying solutions capable of measuring it. The session attracted a large and diverse audience of […]

5 Contact Center KPIs to Turn Customer Frowns Upside Down

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Customer experience in the contact center is paramount in customer retention. Technical issues, even minor ones, can have an enormous impact on a consumer’s perception of a company. Combine that with the undeniable fact that today’s contact centers are extremely complex—featuring multiple communication channels, self-service applications, routing schemes, agent groups, and vendor equipment—and the result is […]

KPI Conformance, not Performance

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KPI Conformance

“Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs) is a term commonly heard within the Service Assurance domain. KPIs are used by most Service Providers use to align their internal departmental goals and metrics with the experience delivered to their customers or subscriber base. That said, there is much debate as to how effective KPIs are, even those that are […]

ServOC: The Holy Grail of Service Quality Monitoring

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Service Monitoring

For Mobile Service Providers (MSPs), monitoring only the network infrastructure (as traditionally performed by Network Operations Center plus Service Operations Center) no longer provides any guarantee that subscribers will receive their expected level of service. Where Have We Been The scenario reported in any network monitoring’s literature is well-known: “My indicators are all greens but my […]