Virtual Event: Join Us at Call and Contact Centre Virtual Expo

Call and Contact Centre Expo is Europe’s leading industry event and this year the event is going virtual. More than 250 seminars are planned from call and contact centre thought leaders across the globe.

Why attend Call and Contact Centre Expo 2020?

  • Network with thousands of industry professionals
  • Discover the emerging trends shaping the contact centres of tomorrow
  • Keynote seminars from 250 respected industry experts from across the globe
  • More than 500 exhibitors

Register now to hear Erik Delorey, Product Marketing Manager talk about how to ensure great Customer Experience in this work from home era

On Nov 11 from 2:35pm – 3:05pm in Theatre 4C&CC, Erik Delorey, Product Marketing Manager at Empirix, will talk about how we can protect customer experience in this remote worker era.

For the first time in recent history, there are more people working remotely than in corporate offices. Home networks are now an integral part of conducting business, but the issues they spawn are having a very real impact on worker productivity and customer experience.

Join us for Protecting CX in the Remote Worker Era, a seminar that explores strategies for improving customer experience and remote worker productivity.

  • Remote workers- financial boon or swoon ?
  • Gaining visibility into home network issues
  • Setting remote workers up for success and steps for protecting customer experience and your brand