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Prepping for Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Industry

For most Americans, 2014 marks the year the Affordable Care Act goes into full effect. But for healthcare companies, now is the time to prepare. There are more than 48.6 million uninsured people that will require coverage. Knowing that these people will have plenty of questions, healthcare companies nationwide are updating their contact centers and preparing their agents to handle the increased traffic.

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Today we are seeing a great deal of activity as companies migrate from legacy to IP technologies, add new self-service menu options and update routing solutions to ensure people have fast access to the diverse set of information and agent services. Everyone is taking pains to train their staff on the new regulations and how each plan will best meet differing needs.

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People need to feel safe and confident when it comes to choosing a healthcare or insurance provider, especially if it is for the first time. As these companies revamp their contact centers with an eye to ensuring trust, they understand that customer-facing technologies must work properly. Technical glitches – dropped calls, incorrect transfers or voice quality issues – can have costly repercussions. As they update their contact centers, the leading companies are going above and beyond to adhere to best practice project management and deployment methodologies. Ensuring technology is only one aspect of creating a reassuring experience, but one that a company can control.

Taking the Pain Out of Healthcare

There is no doubt that for some, healthcare issues can be confusing. A March 2013 poll conducted by the nonpartisan, nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation found that 57 percent of Americans didn’t understand how they’d be impacted by the Affordable Care Act. Being able to have an informed, clear conversation with a knowledgeable agent will go a long way towards giving people the confidence they need to make such an important decision.

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