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25 Years of Empirix Hammer Test System

Empirix Hammer 25th Anniversary LogoEmpirix, Inc., the recognized leader in end-to-end test automation, today announced the 25th anniversary of its Hammer Test System. Since 1992, Empirix Hammer has helped organizations with complex customer communication technology environments optimize their customers’ experiences.

A pioneer in this space, Empirix, through its powerful Hammer Cloud Platform, is uniquely able to provide organizations with complete understanding of how customers experience omnichannel applications, all in a single solution optimized for application test automation. Known as the gold standard of testing, the latest version of Hammer enables QA, DevOps and IT teams to test and optimize quality for voice applications, mobile applications and contact center systems in the most robust and comprehensive manner, faster than ever.

“This is an exciting milestone for Empirix and the Hammer Cloud Platform. We’ve witnessed contact center technology shift and develop rapidly, and we are proud to remain the market leader 25 years after we created it,” stated John D’Anna, Chief Executive Officer, Empirix. “We have had a number of innovations, including offering cloud-based solutions before they were standard; no one else has Empirix’s breadth and depth of experience in this space. We look forward to continuing to innovate for the next 25 years.”