Empirix Introduces Hybrid Cloud and RESTful API Functionality to Its Hammer Cloud Platform

It’s no surprise that companies large and small are looking to cloud-based technologies to help them solve modern business challenges and reduce operational costs. But the reality is that IT professionals must be thoughtful about which hosting and deployment strategies are best for their businesses.

Cloud-based solutions provide greater operational efficiency, but often fail to provide the critically important visibility into application, infrastructure and network performance that companies so desperately need in order identify, triage, and troubleshoot customer impacting technology issues. Without it, teams are not able to assess, or even influence, customer impact.

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Protecting CX

That’s why Empirix is introducing hybrid cloud and RESTful API capabilities for its Hammer Cloud test automation and active monitoring platform. These capabilities make user experience test automation for companies with mixed on-premises and cloud IT landscapes more accessible and more authentic, therefore protecting their most cherished commodity – customer experience.

Hybrid cloud

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Hybrid cloud enables organizations to generate traffic from any combination of on premises, private or public cloud networks thereby measuring the caller experience the way customers and users interact. In-country testing and monitoring improves the reliability and quality of test calls and can even eliminates expensive toll charges.

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Also new in this release are RESTful APIs, which enable third-party integration with a broad range of platforms like Jenkins, Jira, and Blackchair to name a few. Customers can now integrate Hammer test automation capabilities into their DevOps workflows and dashboards.

These capabilities open up new opportunities for existing and prospective customers who want to expand test coverage, reduce toll charges, gain visibility into performance, accelerate release cycles or increase operational efficiency.

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Read the full press release below:

Empirix Launches Hybrid Cloud Test Automation and RESTful API Capabilities

BOSTON – Empirix today announced the availability of hybrid cloud deployment functionality and RESTful APIs for its Hammer Cloud Platform test automation and active monitoring solution.

Hybrid cloud enables users to minimize, or even eliminate, toll charges and to increase the reliability and quality of test calls with in-country testing and monitoring. With Hammer Cloud Platform, organizations can generate traffic from any combination of on premises, private or public cloud networks. The ability to test internal and external dialing plans across multiple regions ensures that test scenarios are authentic to customer experiences.

Empirix’s latest release also enables third-party integration via RESTful APIs, allowing customers to integrate the Hammer test automation capability into their DevOps workflows and dashboards.

These new capabilities make Hammer Cloud Platform ideal for contact center and enterprise network environments that want to expand test coverage, reduce toll charges, require a flexible delivery model, improve visibility into performance or lack available external trunking.

“Most of our customers, if not all, are considering hybrid test models,” Empirix CEO John D’Anna said. “They allow broad test coverage at a reduced cost and execute test scenarios that best mirror customer behavior, both of which are vital for developing a comprehensive test strategy and assuring customer experience.”

Hybrid cloud and RESTful APIs are the latest enhancements to the SaaS-based Hammer Cloud Platform, which was unveiled earlier this year.

About Empirix
Empirix is the recognized leader in end-to-end network performance visibility with the unique ability to analyze customer behaviors by application in real time. We help service providers, mobile operators and enterprises optimize business processes to reduce operational costs, maximize customer retention and grow top-line revenue. Through monitoring, analytics and intelligence, Empirix helps companies around the world realize the full value of their technology investments.

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