On-Demand Webcast: Exploiting 5G Unknowns to Create New Revenue Streams

A Sponsored Webcast Event with GSMA

Unified Communications Transformation

5G networks are completely different from their predecessors. Everything about them is new – from services delivered to the network architectures that enable them. But “new” doesn’t mean easy and almost always comes with a broad set of unknowns. An operator’s ability to exploit those unknowns can make or break their future success.

Join Empirix and MobileWorldLive journalist, George Malim, as they explore the market dynamics and hidden challenges of 5G, and what service providers can do to exploit those challenges to reduce costs, increase revenue, improve service quality, and build a better, more resilient network.

Speakers include:

  • Edoardo Rizzi, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Empirix
  • George Malim, Journalist, Mobile World Live