Take a Closer Look: What is PESQ?

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Speech Quality

PESQ is a testing and monitoring related acronym that stands for Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality. Typically pronounced “pesk,” it is used as a means for automating the assessment of speech quality in communications networks (Unified Communications, VoIP, etc.). Previously, I outlined Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and described why it has become the de facto standard […]

Take a Closer Look: What is MOS?

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Mean Opinion Score (MOS)

In the world of communications systems testing and monitoring, MOS is an acronym for Mean Opinion Score. A MOS is used to evaluate and characterize the transmission characteristics of a telecommunications system. If you are not using an automated system to calculate MOS, you need the following things: A group of people to serve as test […]

Customer Service: Who Cares? [Infographic]

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Providing a high quality customer experience is critical to keeping your customers happy. That’s the philosophy behind the service quality assurance and analytics solutions Empirix has brought to market. We know it’s vital that, when customers contact a business, they are able to get through without long wait times, garbled conversations, incorrect transfers, constantly repeating […]

Take a Closer Look: Voice Portal/IVR Testing

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Big Data

By this time, you probably already know the initial steps in end-to-end testing: first, look at your infrastructure and second, test applications and voice quality. Now let’s take a look at voice portal/IVR testing. The basic procedure is accomplished in a similar way to that of testing Applications and Voice Quality. You need to automate […]

Take a Closer Look: What is Passive Monitoring?

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Closer Look at Passive Monitoring

No matter how solid a communications system is when it’s first implemented, things tend to go wrong over time. As you add new technology, change settings, have increased voice or data volumes, and more, it becomes a requirement that you monitor your communications systems to ensure they run as expected. Monitoring Your Communications Systems There […]

Take a Closer Look: What Is End-to-End Infrastructure Testing

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Infrastructure Testing

I’ve said before that it’s critical that enterprises conduct end-to-end testing, particularly for their contact center or unified communications environments. But what does testing end-to-end really mean? The four key elements to look at in end-to-end testing are: infrastructure, IVR/auto attendant, telephony-database integration, and agent CRM system. In this post I’m going to focus on […]

Take a Closer Look: What is Active Monitoring?

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What is Active Monitoring?

The phrase Active Monitoring can mean many different things, ranging from a periodic ping to verify that a server is reachable, to an HTTP transaction to measure responsiveness of a website, to a multi-party voice transaction to determine the quality levels that users are experiencing. Today, I am going to focus on active voice transactions. […]

SIP 102: Considerations for Post-deployment

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Post Deployment Considerations

As we enter early summer, it’s time to take a look back at IAUG, as well as the third consideration for a migration to SIP: what happens once you go live. Prior posts in this series focused on design and core technology decisions and up through the point of testing just prior to go live, […]