DAS – The Original Precursor to C-RAN

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Distributed Antenna System

I was a speaker at the NEDAS Summit in New York in early April, which lead me to reflect on how DAS systems are the original precursors to today’s C-RAN solutions. DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) can be considered the first iteration on the evolutionary road to C-RAN (Centralized RAN). As the name suggests, the antennas […]

Some Post Enterprise Connect Thoughts

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While attending Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida, a few items stood out: The emphasis on building the business case for SIP Trunking, and the number of sessions focused on how to avoid problems while deploying SIP trunks was rather surprising. Perspective has an interesting impact on how we consume information; Empirix has been helping customers […]

Is your Enterprise really protected?

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Enterprise Data Security

There is a perception in many enterprises that firewalls and security measures are only needed to protect vast sources of stored corporate or consumer data. Voice after all is inherently secure right? Not exactly. It wasn’t too long ago that someone with a modified police scanner could eavesdrop on cordless phone conversations. If you happened […]

Proactively Address Conference Bridge Problems

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Conference Call Bridge

Empirix Introduces the First-of-Its-Kind Conference Bridge Solution to Address Conference Call Quality Issues Today, more than ever, conference calls are at the very core of business operations. Business leaders from across the globe are using conference calls daily to drive key business through decisions and customer interactions. Despite all the technological gains of Voice over […]

6 Frightful Contact Center Experiences

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Think it’s scary this Halloween? Imagine being in charge of your company’s contact center and being held responsible for providing a terrible customer experience. Now there’s true terror for you! Last week I highlighted few examples of issues discovered through predeployment testing. Today I’d like to highlight the goblins that await you if you don’t […]

Top 10 Communications Systems Failures

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System Failure

I’d like to share the top 10 issues Empirix has discovered while working with clients in the past 45 days. Hopefully these insights will help you think about your own communications environment and how it effects the customer experience. In previous posts, I’ve commented on the end-to-end testing methodology which Empirix considers to be the best […]

Did BYOD spell death for BlackBerry?

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Exit Sign

In the era of anywhere, anytime business, it’s ironic that the company once synonymous with “the mobile office” now faces an uncertain future. Until recently, BlackBerry was a legend. Everyone remembers those “super cool” sales guys whose jobs were so important that they had to be connected 24/7. They would whip out their BlackBerry with […]

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Test, Test Again

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Test Failure

Over the past few months, I’ve talked about the importance of communications network testing end to end. Today I’d like to bring the idea through to its logical conclusion. Read: The Right Ingredients to Build an Impactful Testing ROI Case I’ve consolidated below some real life use cases into a single connected view of end […]