Can Support Systems be Trained to Speak “Customer”?

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Speaker Training

Imagine how happy a mobile service provider (MSP) would be if instead of a customer calling in to complain “I’m having trouble with YouTube” they simply said “The video queuing mechanism on server SW-304 is overloaded.” The company could just fix the problem instead of transferring the call to an engineer to manually sort through […]

Customer Service Automation: Do it Right!

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Customer Service

OK, I get it. You put in an automated interactive voice response (IVR) system because it saves you time and money. Fewer agents needed to answer calls. Some of my basic questions answered without me needing to wait for a live person to help me out. You can shoot me over to the right department. […]

Customer Service: It’s All About Love

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Are you including love in your customer lexicon? If not, maybe it’s time you started to. I just returned from Genesys G-Force in Boca Raton, FL. Once again, the Genesys team produced an excellent event for their customers and partners. A central theme this year was about establishing a one-to-one relationship with customers. The critical […]

Travel Delays? The Pain of Steering of Roaming

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Ever wondered why when you travel abroad and then switch on your mobile phone it takes so long to obtain service? Depending on how frequently you travel, you may notice that it takes several minutes before your phone obtains a connection. In some cases it can take significantly longer and you are left looking at […]

SIP 101: Preparing for Successful Deployment

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SIP 101

I often hear questions from customers about SIP. SIP can mean different things to different people. SIP trunking, end to end SIP, SIP for voice and video, SIP in the contact center –those are just a few of the variations that come to mind. For purpose of this post and others to follow, as well […]

A New Direction in Inter-Carrier Trends

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Carriers have a long history of partnering to route traffic across the globe. Operators work with local providers to terminate rural calls. Organizations maintain multiple partnerships to manage mobile roaming and drive revenue. Today we are seeing a new breed of partnership based not on extending regional coverage, but instead on improving technical capabilities. Consider […]

Committing to Quality

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Commitment to Quality

I was recently taking a detailed look at the momentum Empirix has been experiencing. It’s been an exciting place to work at over the past few years. That we’ve continued to grow so positively around the world in this economic climate is really impressive. Among many reasons we’ve been growing is the critical value we provide to our customers. […]

Lovin’ that Launch!

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Launching a new blog is such an exciting experience. It’s a way to open up a dialogue and get closer to the people we work with and work for. It’s an opportunity to give people an insider’s look into Empirix’s people, thoughts, and ideas. And we do care about what you have to say, so […]