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Empirix Secures $19M Multi-Year Contract with Tier 1 North American Mobile Operator

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Empirix announced today that a 3-year contract with a Tier 1 North American telecom operator was recently signed for $19M USD to improve the quality of performance of the operator’s mobile voice, VoWiFi and VoLTE networks, to score and increase customer experience satisfaction, and reduce OpEx related to mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

This partnership allows the telecom operator to troubleshoot and run diagnostics across multiple networks. Additionally, Empirix will provide a centralized mediation platform that enables proactive analytics and Quality of Experience (QoE) scoring with our recently patented solution.

The software solution, which is comprised of Empirix’s EXMS and IntelliSight solutions, will identify QoE anomalies and ensure customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies of the provider’s networks by establishing Quality of Service baselines and measuring performance gains.

For more information please read the Press Release.

We work with a range of mobile service providers delivering solutions tailored to meet their needs. Empirix has also written a whitepaper that explores understanding quality of experience for mobile data.