Empirix Receives Avaya DevConnect Certification for Encrypted and Disaster Recovery/Failover Communications Test Automation

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Empirix, Inc., the recognized leader in contact center assurance and end-to-end network performance visibility, today announced that it has received Avaya Dev Connect Certification for the Empirix Hammer Test Platform relative to the Avaya Aura architecture. This capability delivers key functional requirements for any organization or government service deploying secured communications.

Test automation

This certification enables agencies to use Empirix test automation to most efficiently, accurately, and cost effectively simulate and test national and regional disaster scenarios, including encrypted communication performance, at high call volumes. This stress testing measures actual voice quality and adjunct systems, such as call recording, in order to ensure their viability in critical scenarios.

Avay DevConnect Certification

Avaya Dev Connect Certification confirms that the Empirix Hammer Test Platform is able to successfully emulate Avaya phones using encrypted media and signaling across the new Aura SIPS architecture. The certification also confirms that the Hammer Test Platform is able to detect an Avaya Communication Manager service interruption and then seamlessly fail over to the Avaya ESS, behaving similarly to how actual Avaya phones operate in a disaster scenario.

“Empirix is pleased to deliver this critical functionality. Secured communications testing is a valuable capability that enables organizations to deploy with confidence, knowing that their implementations will work as designed—even in the event of a technological or environmental disaster,” said Derek Podgorni Senior Director of Product Management.

Avaya and Empirix customers rely on the Empirix Hammer Test Platform to test encrypted voice interoperability, performance, and voice quality before deploying equipment and configurations into production environments.

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