Empirix Enhances Education Services

Empirix, Inc., the recognized leader in end-to-end network performance visibility with the unique ability to analyze customer behaviors by application in real time, today announced immediate availability of its online Education Services offering.

Education is integral to the success of deploying a new or upgraded solution deployment, onboarding new staff, or arming existing employees with new skills. The faster key staff and everyday users are proficient, the faster organizations will realize value from their investments.

Empirix has augmented its existing classroom-based Education Services training solutions offerings with online capabilities designed to match the learning needs of today’s fast-paced world—anytime, anywhere.  Additionally, the Empirix Education Services now include topical industry courses.

“We developed enhanced Education Services with client success at top of mind, knowing that companies that invest in training generate greater returns and efficiencies,” said John D’Anna, Chief Executive Officer, Empirix. “With clients located around the globe, it was imperative to make continuous learning readily available and seamless, regardless of location, so they can maximize the value of their investment.”

The Empirix Knowledge Center will host the Education Services courses as a combination of instructor-led and online options.

About Empirix
Empirix is the recognized leader in end-to-end network performance visibility with the unique ability to analyze customer behaviors by application in real time. We help service providers, mobile operators and enterprises optimize business processes to reduce operational costs, maximize customer retention and grow top-line revenue. Through monitoring, analytics and intelligence, Empirix helps companies around the world realize the full value of their technology investments.

Empirix is a trademark of Empirix, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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Jennifer Walsh
Marketing Manager

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