Dear Network: Don’t Drown Me in Data; Inform Me with Intelligence

Data? Communications service providers (CSPs) have plenty of it.

If CSPs don’t know from Big Data, no one does. Oceans of data pour into their service operations centers every day from network elements, applications and end user devices in their increasingly sophisticated networks.

But as we all know, there’s a big difference between data and intelligence. Or data and knowledge. Or, for that matter, data and understanding. Those latter qualities are in much shorter supply.

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CSPs’ customer bases are growing. Network usage patterns can change daily with the rise of a popular new application or device. With such fluid dynamics, it takes intelligence to stay ahead of performance issues and effectively navigate competitive landscapes. This intelligence is locked in CSPs’ data, and they need to unlock it without breaking the bank.

Making Data into Something Useful

Right now, most CSPs use their data for performance management. That’s an important part of the value picture, but it’s only half. The other half is analytical intelligence.

Network engineers can look at a stream of raw data and use it to fix a problem. However, the strategic value of data is using it to anticipate problems so they don’t occur in the first place.

It’s about knowing which applications are most popular with your subscribers. Even more, it’s about knowing which features of those applications are most important, what time of day people use them, for how long they use them, and how much bandwidth those applications consume.

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That insight contains the ability to place advertising in front of the right audiences, work out more profitable partnerships with over-the-top service providers, and up-sell customers.

Business-level users don’t have the time or expertise to sift through data streams looking for these insights. That’s what makes business analytics tools so critical.

Users need the sifting and processing and enriching and analyzing to go on in the background and the insights to be presented instantly, in an easily understandable format.

A New Way to Understand Data

We at Empirix have been mulling this issue over. In response to our customers’ clear need for such a solution, we’ve integrated our knowledge of network data sources with the algorithms, tools, and computational muscle CSPs need to turn their data into a strategic business asset. The result: Empirix IntelliSight.

Empirix IntelliSight represents a wholly new way of interacting with Big Data.

Empirix IntelliSight comes ready to quickly unlock intelligence from raw data. You don’t need extensive pre-configuring or custom coding to get it running. Moreover, our application packages work out of the box, but Empirix IntelliSight also enables users to customize their data views.

The solution runs on top of CSPs’ existing data collection infrastructures through built-in integration with Empirix probes and an easy-to-use interfaces for importing data from third-party probes, networks elements, OSS/BSS and other sources.

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