3 Contact Center Lessons Learned from the Buffer Hack

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Lesson Learned

Over the weekend, Buffer, a company that lets you automate your social media sharing process, was hacked. However, the company handled it like a champ, sending out emails and putting up blog post updates that provided information on a regular basis. Here are three lessons I took away from this incident. #1 Immediately Acknowledge There’s […]

Top 10 Communications Systems Failures

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System Failure

I’d like to share the top 10 issues Empirix has discovered while working with clients in the past 45 days. Hopefully these insights will help you think about your own communications environment and how it effects the customer experience. In previous posts, I’ve commented on the end-to-end testing methodology which Empirix considers to be the best […]

New Strides for Customer Care Improvement

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Customer Care Strides

Both fixed and mobile service providers (MSPs) are changing how they view and manage their customer base. Previously, the services these providers offered to their customers was limited. Even for MSPs’ services did not extend beyond simple voice and SMS. However, the explosion in mobile broadband or data, along with the availability of smart phones […]

The Happy Effects of a Positive Customer Experience

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Positive Customer Experience

So often we hear that when a customer burns a company via social media, it spreads like wildfire. There is definitely truth to that. However, what we don’t hear as much about is the effect that a good experience has on customers. With that in mind, Empirix recently polled 66 people via social media channels […]

Raising Quality Customer Service to New Heights

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Customer Service New Heights

Today’s customers have an expectation that they should receive a quality experience when they contact a company. Whatever their reason for reaching out to an organization, they work under the assumption that technical issues aren’t going to get in the way of communications. This is a reasonable expectation and a matter of basic respect for […]

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Test, Test Again

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Test Failure

Over the past few months, I’ve talked about the importance of communications network testing end to end. Today I’d like to bring the idea through to its logical conclusion. Read: The Right Ingredients to Build an Impactful Testing ROI Case I’ve consolidated below some real life use cases into a single connected view of end […]

Voice Biometrics, WebRTC and More at SpeechTEK 2013

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Voice Biometrics

SpeechTEK 2013 in New York City this week was a very successful event. I’ve been attending this event for more than 10 years, and while the trade show area was a bit smaller this year than in past years, the quality of attendees, discussions with customers and conference sessions were outstanding. Voice Biometrics One of […]

Customer Service: Who Cares? [Infographic]

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Providing a high quality customer experience is critical to keeping your customers happy. That’s the philosophy behind the service quality assurance and analytics solutions Empirix has brought to market. We know it’s vital that, when customers contact a business, they are able to get through without long wait times, garbled conversations, incorrect transfers, constantly repeating […]

WebRTC: Show Me the Money

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While I was at a WebRTC conference in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I sent my social media guru @HollyChessman a note asking her about a company called Solaborate. Solobrate has an impressive new social media platform that allows for collaborative group activities, for example a shared whiteboard. Read: WebRTC: Customer Service Evolution Then this […]

Respect: The Bottom Line in Customer Satisfaction

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Respect Customers

I’m a big believer in both giving and receiving respect in my family, in my office environment, and when I conduct business. Let me give you an example. When I contact a company, I have a legitimate question, concern or need. I expect you, the company, to respect that. Not every company is Zappos or […]