Customer Service: Who Cares? [Infographic]

Empirix Customer Service Infographic

Providing a high quality customer experience is critical to keeping your customers happy. That’s the philosophy behind the service quality assurance and analytics solutions Empirix has brought to market. We know it’s vital that, when customers contact a business, they are able to get through without long wait times, garbled conversations, incorrect transfers, constantly repeating the same information, and the like.

Why customer service is so critical

In today’s social society, good customer service is more critical than ever. When customers are unhappy, they will let the world know in posts that can quickly go viral. Moreover, it’s easy to switch loyalties – and customers do so on a regular basis.

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We work regularly with customers who stand for quality, prioritizing their customers’ satisfaction above all else. So we decided to sponsor a LinkedIn survey to see how other companies view the importance of good customer service.

Surprising results

Our survey highlighted the fact that while many companies are committing significant sums to purchasing customer service hardware and software, they’re not viewing quality assurance as part of the equation.

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Companies seem to talk about great customer service. However, the survey revealed an inconsistent approach to testing and monitoring the very systems that customers need to be working flawlessly. And without detailed testing and monitoring of these systems, there’s no way customers can feel confident that they will receive the highest level of service.

Survey highlights

  • 20 percent of companies adding new technology to their customer contact centers don’t test before deploying, and instead wait for customers to complain, pray, or only pay attention if it’s a major upgrade [click here to tweet]
  • 62 percent of companies test upgrades manually by having employees randomly evaluate different aspects of performance [click here to tweet]
  • Only 18 percent of companies use automated predeployment testing in their contact centers to provide the most consistent and reliable intelligence [click here to tweet]
  • 68 percent of companies never test the voice quality in their contact centers, forcing service representatives to repeat themselves or, in extreme cases, ask customers to hang up and call again [click here to tweet]
  • 31 percent of companies investing in monitoring technology to keep their customer service systems running smoothly [click here to tweet]
  • 45 percent of companies use only manual methods to monitor their customer service systems [click here to tweet]


Customer Service infographic

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