Are Customers Seeing Your Problems Before You Do?

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Customer Seeing Problems

Have you ever had something go wrong with your system? How do you find out people are having a bad experience while trying to use your enterprise communication system? Here are three ways I can think of – some of which less desirable than others. Method #1: Someone Complains Are you finding out about customer […]

Top 10 Tips for Testing Your Contact Center Network

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Contact Center Improvements

Testing critical contact center networks involves a lot of factors, as demonstrated by the recent Gartner report in which Empirix was included (Vendor Landscape for Predeployment Assessment and Testing for Unified Communications, March 2013). I’ve been asked a number of questions about how companies should think about their strategies and execution plans, and the truth […]

Can Support Systems be Trained to Speak “Customer”?

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Speaker Training

Imagine how happy a mobile service provider (MSP) would be if instead of a customer calling in to complain “I’m having trouble with YouTube” they simply said “The video queuing mechanism on server SW-304 is overloaded.” The company could just fix the problem instead of transferring the call to an engineer to manually sort through […]

Customer Service: It’s All About Love

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Are you including love in your customer lexicon? If not, maybe it’s time you started to. I just returned from Genesys G-Force in Boca Raton, FL. Once again, the Genesys team produced an excellent event for their customers and partners. A central theme this year was about establishing a one-to-one relationship with customers. The critical […]