Testing SBCs: Why Do It?

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Testing SBCs

Two key elements of infrastructure testing of contact centers and unified communication environments include the session border controller (SBC) and SIP trunking. To understand more about SIP testing, read SIP 101: Preparing for Successful Deployment. In this post, I will focus on the requirements of testing SBCs. Read: Take a Closer Look: What is End-to-End Infrastructure […]

Take a Closer Look: What Is End-to-End Infrastructure Testing

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Infrastructure Testing

I’ve said before that it’s critical that enterprises conduct end-to-end testing, particularly for their contact center or unified communications environments. But what does testing end-to-end really mean? The four key elements to look at in end-to-end testing are: infrastructure, IVR/auto attendant, telephony-database integration, and agent CRM system. In this post I’m going to focus on […]

Take a Closer Look: What is Active Monitoring?

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What is Active Monitoring?

The phrase Active Monitoring can mean many different things, ranging from a periodic ping to verify that a server is reachable, to an HTTP transaction to measure responsiveness of a website, to a multi-party voice transaction to determine the quality levels that users are experiencing. Today, I am going to focus on active voice transactions. […]

SIP 102: Considerations for Post-deployment

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Post Deployment Considerations

As we enter early summer, it’s time to take a look back at IAUG, as well as the third consideration for a migration to SIP: what happens once you go live. Prior posts in this series focused on design and core technology decisions and up through the point of testing just prior to go live, […]

Are Customers Seeing Your Problems Before You Do?

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Customer Seeing Problems

Have you ever had something go wrong with your system? How do you find out people are having a bad experience while trying to use your enterprise communication system? Here are three ways I can think of – some of which less desirable than others. Method #1: Someone Complains Are you finding out about customer […]

Is WebRTC real?

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Is it real?

I’m here at the WEBRTC expo in Atlanta, GA, the second expo of its kind. Yesterday afternoon was filled with several hours of demonstrations of WebRTC wares. According to some vendors, this years crowd is double in size then last. I can attest that there are a lot of people here. At a quick glance […]

Top 10 Tips for Testing Your Contact Center Network

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Contact Center Improvements

Testing critical contact center networks involves a lot of factors, as demonstrated by the recent Gartner report in which Empirix was included (Vendor Landscape for Predeployment Assessment and Testing for Unified Communications, March 2013). I’ve been asked a number of questions about how companies should think about their strategies and execution plans, and the truth […]

Prepping for Healthcare Reform

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Healthcare Industry

For most Americans, 2014 marks the year the Affordable Care Act goes into full effect. But for healthcare companies, now is the time to prepare. There are more than 48.6 million uninsured people that will require coverage. Knowing that these people will have plenty of questions, healthcare companies nationwide are updating their contact centers and preparing […]