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Solve the Challenges Putting Customer Experience at Risk in Your Contact Center

With unlimited access to information, today’s customers are educated. They know what they want, they want it fast and loyalty is optional. In fact, 47% of customers will take their business to a competitor within 24 hours of having a negative experience.

This puts business under pressure to deliver consistent, high quality experiences for all of their customers. Even with careful planning, technology failures can occur. Without proper testing and monitoring, the possibilities are nearly endless: capacity limitations, configuration errors, IVR defects, carrier routing issues, host latency, poor voice quality, delayed call answer times, inaccurate IVR prompts, bidirectional voice quality, default roaming, etc.

White Paper: The Future of IVR Customer Service Assurance

Empirix, the recognized leader in active testing and monitoring puts you back in control of customer experience with:

  • The ability to identify customer-impacting defects before your customers do
  • Automated testing to help you validate, expand, patch and deploy with confidence
  • Proactive monitoring of customer and agent experiences, back-end transactions and systems, and infrastructure elements—all in one solution
  • Increased test coverage
  • The ability to test across the entire software development lifecycle and accelerate release cycles

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Taming CX Disruption with Automated, Collaborative Testing