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Connecting Dots

I am eager to witness how BroadSoft’s service provider & large enterprise customers are disrupting the status quo…

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Consider how private car hire and ride-sharing service Uber has transformed public transportation internationally. Customers can simply queue up the app to find a nearby driver and conduct the entire transaction digitally, making for an easy and cashless ride. As more industries embrace digital technology – from hyper growth organizations to the local coffee shop on your nearest street corner – service providers will increasingly find an opportunity to add value.

Service providers are starting to enter markets they may never previously thought possible, such as delivering IoT content, social apps, books online and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) for their enterprise customers. Some service providers have already purchased capabilities in order to establish an enablement platform upon which it could disrupt the market. However, don’t think you have to do it all, instead operators should consider building out an ecosystem of digital partners.

Playing it Digital at Every Level…

Of course, making this change is not easy. Not every operator may have the vision to execute a broad digital business transformation. Businesses do not need a Steve Jobs-type visionary at the top to push forward a digital service strategy. All you really need is firm direction, leadership, courage to change and a willingness to try new things.

As we all know now, consumers today can buy what they want in a matter of minutes. Empowered by a self-service research and purchase process, whether physical or digital and with the consumer having tolerated minimal to no complexity. Consumers expect always on service and a high quality experience. Enterprise sales transformation: That’s the business-to-consumer (B2C) digital buying experience, and customers expect to receive it each time they make a purchase on any device.

After all, the same network technology that enables the digital buying experience for consumers also supports enterprise transactions. In addition, a high percentage of the enterprise ordering and service deliveries process proceed through a fully automated –voice prompts approach, with absolutely no contact from sales or support staff.

The Net-Net… I am eager to witness what BroadSoft brings to the market landscape and where Empirix can add value to its vertical markets. So, let’s connect the dots…