Completing the Puzzle: VoLTE End to End

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) holds major potential for Mobile Service Providers (MSPs), including the promise of a better user experience, increased cost efficiencies, differentiated Voice Quality of Service (QoS), and more. Yet these mind-blowing potentials don’t come without a price.

The world of VoLTE is very complex and it takes some real planning to fully understand and handle the issues that can arise.

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Three Critical Touchpoints

In Untangling VoLTE, I talked a bit about simplifying the picture and understanding the Device to Access landscape. To take the next steps, I wrote a post about understanding the Access to Service connection.

Each of these posts provided insight into how to look for and identify, or give consideration to, potential issues within your service. But there is one more viewpoint that must be considered: looking at the service end to end.

VoLTE End to End

The end to end view of VoLTE is the most complex one. At the same time, it provides the most critical insight, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the functionality, interoperability and performance of your system.

Looking at EPC, IMS, devices and applications servers end to end requires the correlation all of the VoLTE call legs through all of the components – together! This is a daunting challenge because of the complexity and diversity of the variety of network equipment manufacturers, Mobile Operator requirements and consumer preferences.

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Customer Insights and Business Benefits

Correlating all of the metrics and data from VoLTE provides great customer insight. This knowledge allows Mobile Service Providers to provide the value that their customers expect. MSPs also get the advantage of using these measurements to achieve the objectives they set out for their business when choosing to deploy VoLTE.

A good example would be tying a metric to a telephony AS and leveraging its capacity for supporting more customers in multiple markets. This resource allocation, driven by data, will further drive down operational spending, while at the same time increase revenues by using a single resource in multiple markets.

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As you can see, while there are many challenges associated with VoLTE deployments, if you do it right, you can gain all the benefits VoLTE has to offer. And, if you segment your data and analysis to gain an end-to-end view of your deployment, you can be assured that your VoLTE implementation will provide a positive experience for your customer – and gain numerous business benefits as well.

Is your organization making the switch VoLTE? Let me know in the comments below about the challenges and benefits you’re experiencing.

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Quality of Experience

To date, it appears most of the MSPs that have deployed VoLTE have relied on active testing to effectively “spot check” the end-to-end service improvements and overall performance. Very little appears to have been done to look at overall QoE across the entire customer base.