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Cloud-Based Conference Bridge Monitoring Solution Now Available

Conference calls have been at the very core of business operations for decades. In fact, teleconferencing was first introduced in 1964 by AT&T at the World’s Fair in New York, paving the way for future technologies and creating a whole new way of doing business.

Despite the long history, consistently good call quality still alludes us. In fact, you have probably had a dropped call or been accused of sounding like R2D2 from Star Wars in the last week. Even though service providers are responsible for providing a high-quality conferencing experience, they have limited visibility into the performance of conferencing applications, like Skype for Business, Zoom, or GoToMeeting, and often hear about quality issues or unmet SLAs from customers – a sure way to negatively impact customer satisfaction, if you ask me.  And with workforces distributed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are even more reliant on conferencing to conduct both internal and external business. Who can afford the downtime?

Cloud-Based Conference Bridge Monitoring

Empirix has rebuilt it’s award-winning on premises Conference Bridge Monitoring (CBM) solution on its Hammer Cloud Platform, a market leading test automation and monitoring platform for contact center and enterprise IT environments.

Historically, conference bridge performance has been monitored by a patchwork of tools looking at performance from the viewpoint of a server.  Empirix’s conference bridge solution monitors performance from the perspective of the customer – from when the call is first placed to when they hang up. By combining active transactions with data from your existing passive monitoring solution, Empirix provides operators with complete visibility into the availability, performance and quality of a customer’s end-to-end conference bridge experience. Another differentiating capability is that Empirix CBM offers multi-participant conference monitoring. This provides ops team with insight into the voice quality and potential network impairments affecting each concurrent caller that joins the bridge while they take turns speaking.

Operations teams are able to quickly identify and resolve service-impacting issues (MTTR), thereby reducing downtime and delivering on customer SLAs.

Learn more about Conference Bridge Monitoring with Empirix Hammer Cloud.