On-Demand Webcast: Building a 5G Network That Can’t Fail

If visibility isn’t enough, what is? 

Networks and services are always evolving. They must cooperate with a broad range of software functions and hardware components, and In spite of the inherent complexity, function flawlessly. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to nail down failures and characterize performance issues – similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

For the last few decades, service providers have relied on monitoring and assurance solutions in order to get the visibility they needed to operate their networks, services, and applications.

But with future networks, visibility won’t be enough. So, what is?

What is needed to help service providers reach their strategic goals, including driving towards full automation??

In this on-demand webcast, industry expert Edoardo Rizzi covers: 

  • Why future network and service ecosystems make it more difficult to pinpoint failures 
  • Why visibility isn’t enough to help service providers meet their strategic objectives 
  • The one thing that service providers require in order to diagnose issues with confidence and improve end-to-end performance  
  • What the future holds for monitoring and assurance solutions 

Building a 5G Network That Can’t Fail