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Analyze This! The PACE Conference in NYC

New York City

I recently attended the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) in NYC. There was great energy in the room throughout the day as over 100 users, vendors and partners explored trends and opportunities in the CRM and contact center market segment in the NYC area.

Two noteworthy trends were discussed throughout the day: cloud and analytics. These two trends are driving changes in deployment models, pricing models (CAPEX to OPEX) and new technology for cost reductions, increased customer satisfaction and security.


Keynote presentations by Microsoft, Verizon, Verint and InContact commented on cloud deployments, the dominant trend in the CRM space. It’s happening and it’s happening big.

Traditional CRM solutions are now all being deployed into the cloud. New deployment models, new pricing models and new entrants into the space are making the CRM segment very interesting. (For instance, check out this article on Five cloud-based CRM apps.)


I was on a panel on “The Scoop on Contact Center Analytics and Performance.” The panel explored analytics in three flavors: engagement routing and completion (Empirix), speech analytics (Call Copy and Nobel Systems), and Agent WFO analytics (InContact and Knoah Solutions).

The audience was very interested in how analytics are used and understanding the challenges people are facing when they are getting started. We discussed issues such as data capture, data integrity and presentation of information to contact center operations and other executives.

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All of the panelists agreed that the key to a successful analytics deployment is to define goals from the beginning, start slowly and grow analytics as time goes on.

Overall, a great conference and a great day.