Take a Closer Look: What is Active Monitoring?

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What is Active Monitoring?

The phrase Active Monitoring can mean many different things, ranging from a periodic ping to verify that a server is reachable, to an HTTP transaction to measure responsiveness of a website, to a multi-party voice transaction to determine the quality levels that users are experiencing. Today, I am going to focus on active voice transactions. […]

WebRTC: Knocking Down the Boundaries of the Web

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Knocking Down Boundaries

WebRTC Expo was a great event, with many great people demonstrating the capabilities of WebRTC. WebRTC is like a jackhammer on steroids, blasting open the current boundaries of the web. For Communication Service Providers (CSPs) this is opening a large new market. WebRTC doesn’t come with a back end infrastructure, especially not one that can […]

Service Provider Blame: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

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Customers punish carriers who put them in the middle of back-end politics. Think that’s not true? Just read the news about the spat between Verizon, Netflix and its bandwidth provider, Cogent Communications. It doesn’t really matter whether there is a right and wrong. History and consumer research suggest that Verizon will get the blame. In […]

Roaming All the Way to the Bank

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Roaming to the Bank

A few weeks ago I wrote about the topic of Steering and Anti Steering of Roaming. In that post, I discussed the techniques that are used by Mobile Operators to try and force roaming customers onto preferred (steering) or non-preferred (anti steering) mobile networks when roaming abroad. The underlying reason for Mobile Operators developing and […]

Big Data – or the Right Data?

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Big Data

Mobile Operators have so many things to consider when deciding how best to profit while still providing a great service to their customers. Previously, I spoke about Mobile Operators utilising information from the network to better understand and measure Customer Experience from the Network perspective. In that post, I noted that extracting key information from […]

Finding Sanity in the Complex World of Technology

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Finding Sanity

Both Enterprises and Service Providers are attempting to find ways to handle increasingly complex technology environments. Better access to data and new tools to improve services and increase revenue are constantly being developed and adopted. While this is of course advantageous, it also creates a snarl of technology that is challenging to untangle. The theme […]

Customer Service: It’s All About Love

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Are you including love in your customer lexicon? If not, maybe it’s time you started to. I just returned from Genesys G-Force in Boca Raton, FL. Once again, the Genesys team produced an excellent event for their customers and partners. A central theme this year was about establishing a one-to-one relationship with customers. The critical […]