Blog: Erik Delorey, Product Marketing Manager speaks with Contact Center Briefing about the biggest challenges Contact Centers have faced over the past 12 months

In the latest installment of our contact centre industry executive interview series, we spoke to Erik Delorey, Product Marketing Manager and Solutions owner for the Hammer Test Automation product line at Empirix, about the company, industry challenges and opportunities, new technology and the wisdom of Douglas Adams…

Tell us about your company, products and services.        

For more than 25 years, Empirix’s HAMMER test automation solutions have served as the de facto standard for contact centre and enterprise IT teams looking to protect their business and customers from the technology disruptions that lead to poor service service quality and dissatisfied customers. Our differentiated software and services help our customers improve service quality, operational efficiency and customer retention.

What are the biggest challenges the Contact Centre/ Customer Services industry has faced in the last year?

The migration of an entire global workforce to virtual, remote environments was not only unprecedented but extremely disruptive. Companies were forced to change how they conducted business, with or without adequate preparation. This created unexpected challenges for many dimensions of the business from productivity to technical readiness issues which ranged from voice quality issues due to home network constraints to providing agents with the right tools to work remotely. Companies were also challenged to respond quickly to regulatory and security compliance mandates, and to do so without a forecasted budget. Human factors such as kids schooling from home, illness and even workforce retention had a tremendous impact on staffing and overall productivity. All of a sudden, people’s personal lives factored into workforce planning.

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