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3 Tips for a Successful IVR Deployment

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IT and contact center leaders are embracing hybrid. Cloud-based applications, including IVR, often boast lower TCO than legacy, on-premises models. Moving to cloud can seem disruptive; ensuring that patches, upgrades or new technology deployments go smoothly is a critical part of a successful migration plan. But knowing these three secrets will push you a step closer to your successful cloud-based IVR migration.

Validate that your IVR works as designed

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, deploying new technology solutions is challenging. And it can be problematic. Even with a seasoned DevOps team, project complexity, multiple stakeholders, inefficient workflows, interoperability and disparate networks can unknowingly put an IVR deployment at risk. Without proper testing, customers become the guinea pigs — a first line of defense to alert customer service to issues.

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In today’s consumer-driven market, great products aren’t enough. Customers expect more. Just ask any customer who’s been disconnected, misrouted or unable to reach a customer service agent. If it’s too hard to transact business, customers will go elsewhere. The pressure is on to ensure a positive customer experience with every interaction. Functional and regression (QA) testing are keys to ensure that your IVR functions as designed on Day 1. And that it eliminates the risks that are inherent with new deployments.

Validate what you can’t control

After validating that the IVR works as expected, you’re not necessarily in the clear. QA testing is only part of the equation; it executes a single test case at a time. Any network can handle that.

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For industries with high seasonal demand, such as the IRS during tax season, you need to ensure your network and your cloud-based IVR vendor can handle increased volumes. And it’s important to know which network or application is at fault if an issue occurs.

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