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Bob Laliberte Bob on LinkedIn | Posts by Bob

Bob is the Sr. Director of Marketing at Empirix, and prior to joining Empirix spent a number of years covering and commenting on the networking market as an Industry Analyst. His focus is on understanding and aligning compelling business issues with innovative solutions to help enterprises and service providers improve their services.

Gerard Carroll Gerard on LinkedIn | Posts by Gerard

Gerard is Empirix’s RAN Solution Manager and has worked on radio interfaces for over twenty years with companies such as Ericsson, Siemens and NEC. He is an expert in the field of mobile telephony, with extensive experience in mobile network monitoring for 2G, 3G and 4G RAN’s.

Graham KunzGraham on Twitter | Posts by Graham

Graham is Empirix’s European Service Assurance Expert and he’s worked in the tech industry for nearly twenty years. More than 14 years of that time has been in Service Assurance, working with wireless customers and internal teams to understand and capture product requirements, as well as develop and introduce products. His global outlook, wireless technology knowledge and technical know-how provide him with an excellent perspective on the current and future direction of mobility and the wireless industry.

Angelo Baccarani Angelo on LinkedIn | Posts by Angelo

Angelo is a Solution Architect at Empirix for Service Assurance Applications. He has worked in the Telecom sector for the last 22 years, with past experiences in Engineering, Product Management and Strategic Marketing, mainly focused on probes-based passive monitoring systems for CSPs.

Erik DeloreyErik on LinkedIn | Posts by Erik

Erik is Empirix’s Test automation expert, with over 15 years in the telecommunications data networking and call center industry, Erik has architected, coded, executed, and managed some of the world’s largest and most complex stress tests for the top global service providers and enterprises. His experience includes the synchronization of web, voice, email, and screen pop testing enabling customers to test real world conditions before they launch new platforms.

Jeff DellJeff on LinkedIn | Posts by Jeff

Jeff is Empirix’s Test Automation Product Manager, with over 15 years of telecommunications experience; Jeff is responsible for driving Empirix’s testing and active monitoring products to market. Before this position, he held a variety of customer facing roles including, delivering custom testing services, product training, and custom test scripting for active testing and monitoring environments in test labs for NEMs, service providers, carriers, and call centers worldwide.

Jose Burgos Jose on LinkedIn | Posts by Jose

Jose is Empirix’s Major Alliances and Channels Manager with over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He has high-level expertise in strategic sales, marketing strategies and sales management; and strong experience in wireless solutions, managing channel strategies and in developing mutually beneficial partnerships with vendors, resellers, consultants and service providers globally.

Ron Braun Ron on LinkedIn | Posts by Ron

Ron is Empirix’s Customer Experience Assurance solution expert for the Americas. He has worked in the industry for approximately 20 years with most of that time spent at a Tier 1 Wireless provider. His extensive breadth of experience including Technology Development, System Engineering, Network Planning, Network Operations and RF Engineering give him the ability to provide valuable insights to an extensive user community. Over the last 8 years, Ron has been focused on improving how customer experience on the network is monitored, enabling Network Operations and Quality Assurance teams to keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies.

Jim CantwellJim on LinkedIn | Posts by Jim

Jim is the Sales Engineering Director responsible for the planning and directing of the pre-sales systems and applications engineering activities globally for Empirix. He has a depth of business and technical experience based on 15 years of experience supporting Fortune 500 customers in both the Enterprise and Service Provider market segments. Prior to joining Empirix in 2013, Jim managed the North America consultants for Avaya with a focus on Financial Services Industry customers in the New York metro area.